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Follow Matthew's easy step-by-step guide to make this cool puppet crocodile.
Use design your own snappy creature! Ask an adult to help you with the scissors and glue.

      You will need:
1 piece each of: red, green and white card;
A black marker pen;
A peg (plastic or wooden);
PVA glue;
A pair of scissors

        Draw your own design on to the pieces of card or use our stencil. The top and bottom of the head/jaws are green, the tongue is red and the eyes and nostrils are white.

      Cut around the solid lines and score the card along the bigger dotted lines - then you can bend those bits.        

  You should end up with seven separate pieces which you can start to glue together.      
      Glue the eyes and nostrils into position on the top jaw, and the tongue on to the bottom jaw. When the glue is dry, take the two parts of the crocodile head and glue them on to the peg.

        Glue the underside of the top jaw onto the top of the peg, holding the bits you press towards you. Then glue the tongue side of the bottom jaw to the underside of the peg.

      Wait until the glue is dry, and then you are ready to play with your snappy crocodile! You should be able to open and close the mouth by opening and shutting the peg.


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