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  A four-year-old girl has beaten Robbie Williams and 50 Cent on the top of the European charts with her song 'Schnappi - Das Kleine Krokodil' (Snappy - The Little Crocodile). 'Schnappi', the crocodile song by Iris Gruttmann and Rosita Blissenbach that found it's way from the depths of the internet to the top of the European charts, now starts to conquer the rest of the world. After travelling around Europe and 'down-under' all year, Schnappi has finally made it to the UK!  

More than a million sold copies and tons of gold and platinum records in Europe are giving the idea: Schnappi won the hearts of children and adults alike. Miscellaneous merchandise products were already licensed and the downloads of screensavers, ringtones and images for mobile phones went through the roof. And there's not an end to the line.

'Schnappi' is the story of a baby croc's teething on his father's leathery leg - and how proud mother crocodile is of him. The joke nursery song, with its chorus 'Schni schna schnappi, schnappi schnappi schnapp', was picked up by a local radio station in Germany. Joy is the youngest recording artist in European history to make it to the number one position and her song is outselling the likes of 50 Cent's Candy Shop and Robbie Williams's Misunderstood. Schnappi now has his official website in German, Dutch and English, where you can get Schnappi ringtones, wallpapers and MSN Messenger tools, along with the official Schnappi CD.

Nobody is as surprised as Joy herself, whose aunt Iris recorded her singing the song three years ago and posted it on the internet as a kind of a family joke.
Aunt Iris has a catchy way with lyrics for children's songs, having composed a number of ditties for children's programming public television in Germany. But she insists Schnappi is all Joy's doing.
"She came up with the lyrics and the tune and the first time I heard her singing it I thought it was simply adorable," Gruttmann says. "Schnappi is a charmingly delightful children's song. It comes straight from the heart of a sweet little girl and I really think that's what the appeal is. It touches people's hearts and remind them of happy childhood times."

Joy is meanwhile a 7-year-old, but she can still launch into a tinny pre-schooler version of her song for the benefit of radio and TV microphones: "Singing comes naturally to me," she told RTL television. "I didn't use any special technique and I have no special training. I suppose I was just born with this talent," explained the dark-haired young girl with the beaming smile and twinkly brown eyes.
A listener might well mistake Joy for Kylie on talk-shows when it comes to discourse on how her singing style has changed as she has matured over the years. Kylie's feet touch the floor when she sits on a adult-size chair, while Joy's don't. Otherwise, the comments are much the same.
"I recorded the song when I was much younger, and I've learned a lot since then. Afther all, I was only four and a half years old then," Joy pointed out.
"I'm into different things now. I want to be an architect or maybe a fashion designer. But if the song does really well in the charts, well, maybe I'll just stick with being a rich and famous rock star."

Joy, in conclusion: "I am so happy and surprised that people in so many countries like my single - this is so exciting! My aunt has just told me that, even though it is in German, people in Britain like my Schnappi song. I'm just starting to learn English in school so I really hope that Schnappi and I will have the chance to visit soon."


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